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Fitzgerald Funeral Home and Crematory has a commitment to the care of our families and community before, during, and following a funeral. It is with this dedicated service that we provide a full aftercare program.

Soulprints is an aftercare program committed to continue to provide comfort and care to family and friends following the death of someone loved. Our goal is to extend this care by companioning people mourning the loss of a loved one and to educate the community about the process of grief. It is our responsibility to share our knowledge, so that no one has to suffer through this journey alone, or go through the confusion and grief without someone there to help them after the funeral service. The services that we provide are multi-dimensional and customized to fit your needs.

Delinda GrindleSoulprints aftercare program will provide support to your grieving family from the time of the funeral through the one year anniversary of your loved one’s death. You will receive a follow up phone call a few weeks following the funeral from our aftercare support staff member, Delinda Grindle, LCSW.

We look forward to serving your family as we continue our quality care for the families we serve with our full aftercare program.