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Ways a Funeral Director Will Support the Process of Funeral and Cremation in Belvidere, IL


When you have experienced the loss of a loved one, you can trust us to guide you through the process of honoring their life. At Fitzgerald Funeral Home & Crematory, we pride ourselves on serving families in Belvidere, IL and the surrounding areas with dignity, respect, and compassion. Four generations and 100 years later, we offer a variety of service options to honor a life no matter their preferences, religion, or budget. Helping your family through difficult times is not our job, it’s our calling. We're committed to providing support and compassion. Our staff is experienced in a variety of funeral services and can help you celebrate your loved one no matter your religion, culture, or budget. Give us a call at (815) 654-2484 for more details.


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Belvidere IL Funeral Home And CremationsJust what does a funeral director do to support the final arrangement of services like a funeral and cremation in Belvidere, IL? There are so many ways these professionals and their assistants will support the services you select and help you lay your loved one to rest respectfully and compassionately. Here are a few examples:


Transportation of the Deceased Remains: After notifying the necessary authorities, the deceased's body will be taken to the funeral home of your choice when you are ready for the remains to be collected. The licensed funeral director is legally cleared to offer this service and will have the equipment to respectfully remove the deceased from their current location and bring them to the morgue, where they will be kept in cold storage until the next steps are determined.


May Help with Urgent Notifications of the Death: There are instances when notifying close relations or employers is necessary right away. If this is not something you feel you can do just yet, the funeral home you have chosen will often be available to quickly help you place these calls.


Directors Guide Arrangement Conferencing: As soon as you feel you are up to it, the funeral director will meet with you and your close relatives to make plans for the final arrangements. At this meeting, you can freely ask questions to understand different service options and find ways to customize and design a unique and healing experience for this goodbye. Should you also need funerary merchandise such as a casket or urn, that can also be chosen at the arrangement meeting.


Prepare the Remains for Final Disposition: The deceased's body undergoes some type of preparation for the final disposition. This can be via the cremation process or simply washing and dressing for burial. If public viewing is being offered, you will need to have the deceased remains embalmed. This procedure trades out the dead's body fluids for a chemical solution that acts as a cleansing and preservative agent. The decomposition process is slowed by embalming, making it possible for a public presentation.


Streamlining of Needed Paperwork: There is typically paperwork that will need to be worked out depending on which services you decide to go with. Getting certified copies of the death certificate will be necessary for filing insurance claims, estate settlements, and other benefits that may need to be processed. Permits for burial and cremation are different paperwork needs. Your funeral home can streamline this process and make it as simple as possible for you.


Details Coordination and Scheduling: Of course, there are many potential needs to coordinate and schedule, such as the venue you'd like to use and your chosen clergy officiator, eulogist, or celebrant. There are also details to iron out with the cemetery, such as opening and closing the grave. Placing the order for and receiving delivery of flowers, etc., is also something most funeral homes will see through for you.


Obituary Preparation and Publishing: If you don't fancy yourself a writer or have a family member or friend volunteering for the job, your funeral experts can help create an obituary. You will need to supply the essential information with dates, places, and any necessary details you would like to add.



Service Styles Related to a Funeral and Cremation in Belvidere, IL

Funeral Services: The act of honoring a deceased person in the corpse's presence is categorized as a funeral. Funerals can be very traditional with a full panel of events, including a funeral wake (which may include viewing the remains if desired), the funeral service, the committal service at the burial site, and a post-service reception. However, a funeral can be more streamlined, cutting out many additional supporting events. Funerals are sometimes held at the graveside just before the internment.


Cremation Services: Cremation is not considered a form of final disposition—instead, it is an option to prepare the remains for the last resting place. The cremation process takes the deceased's remains and permanently alters them into ashen remains. It is done by burning the body in an enclosed heatproof chamber. The remnants are collected, ground to a uniform texture, and contained in an urn to be returned to the closest relative.


Combining the best of both funeral and cremation in Belvidere, IL, is also a possibility. If this is wanted, the funeral services should be fully completed first. Cremation will be performed after the services are completed. A clean and sanitary casket may be rented to hold the deceased's remains throughout the funerary events.


A Multi-Generational Family Legacy of Compassion and Service

The Fitzgerald Funeral Home & Crematory has built a legacy of trusted compassion and service to families in the area for decades. As you face the excruciating pain that the death of a loved one brings, our committed and caring experts stand ready to do all we can to lift your burden with final arrangements like a funeral and cremation in Belvidere, IL. Help is here.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

1. What should I consider when planning a funeral?

  • When pre-planning a funeral, there are many important factors to consider. The first decision you'll need to make is whether you want a traditional burial or cremation. You'll also need to choose a casket or urn and select a location for the service and burial (or cremation). If you're interested in having a customized service, you'll need to decide on the type of ceremony, music, readings, and other details. Check out this pre-planning checklist.

2. What is the average cost of funeral service in US?

  • The average cost of a funeral in the United States is around $7,000 but can range anywhere from $2,000 to more than $10,000. This wide range reflects the variety of services and products available to families and the different pricing strategies of funeral homes. Learn more about funeral service pricing.

 3. What is the social security death benefit?

  • The social security death benefit is a one-time payment of $255 that is paid to the deceased person's surviving spouse or children. This payment is not available to unmarried survivors. Learn more about social security benefits.




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