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Fitzgerald Funeral Home & Crematory offers funeral and cremation services in Freeport, IL and the nearby areas. Since 1905, we've been a family-owned business that continues its tradition of serving families with kindness and attention to the needs of every family we serve. We're here to assist you in designing a service that is really personalized for you or a loved one. It is not our job, but it is our calling, to assist your family during difficult times. We're dedicated to offering assistance and compassion. We have been awarded the coveted Pursuit of Excellence Award by The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) for outstanding performance in the funeral service field. The award is given to only a few funeral homes across the country based on innovative leadership and service to families and the community.  Call us at (815) 226-2273.


What Our Families Are Saying


Freeport IL Funeral Home And CremationsThe need to care for the deceased remains is a pressing issue after death, and in many ways, the family and close relations can be supported through honoring ceremonies. There are many ways your funerary and cremation experts at Fitzgerald Funeral Home & Crematory will help you with final arrangement needs. If you are in the position of needing to select services related to funeral and cremation in Freeport, IL, here are some of the ways your funeral director and the team will likely assist you:


Transfer of the Dead to the Funerary Facilities: After the authorities have been notified and the information they need has been ascertained, the deceased will be cleared to go to a funeral home of your choosing. There are rules and regulations regarding transporting a person who has died, especially when the body needs to cross international borders or state lines. Licensed funeral directors have the tools and legal clearances to help with any level of shipping needs or a local transfer.


Arrangement Conference to Select Services and Needed Merchandise: As you feel ready, the funeral director will schedule a time to meet with you so that the final services can be ordered. Come with questions to get a good idea of the different options and find what will best fit the circumstances you are coordinating. If there is a need to select a casket or urn, that can also be handled at this meeting.


Care for and Prep the Remains for Viewing, Burial, or Cremation: The care and keeping of a person who has died are delicate. You don’t want just anyone providing this deathcare. You will want to hire experienced, compassionate professionals who have a high degree of respect for your loved one and you. The body will be prepped for viewing with embalming (if chosen), which will cleanse and slow the process of decomposition. Alternatively, the body could be washed and dressed as desired for burial or cremation without other preparations.


Paperwork and Filing for Documents and Claims: Paperwork can feel a little overwhelming to the best of us, even on a good day. Losing a loved one may make this type of task feel especially laborious. Simplifying and streamlining paperwork is a significant way your funerary experts can assist you. In addition, you’ll need to get certified copies of the death certificate, relevant permits for burial, ash scattering, or cremation, and support with filing for benefits and claims available to you.


Scheduling All of the Details for a Seamless Experience: There can be a lot of details that go into having a seamless honoring service. Let the industry experts take the reigns here once you have decided what you would like. They will help you with venue scheduling, cemetery needs, having the flowers delivered, etc.


Writes and Publishes the Obituary Tribute: Of course, anyone who has the desire and skills can write an obituary. However, this is another job that your mortician and their staff can take care of on your behalf. You will need to supply the relevant details so that this document can be drafted and then published with your approval.

Choosing the Right Service Options for Your Loved One: Funeral and Cremation in Freeport, IL


Complete Funeral Services : Deciding how to honor your dead is a personal choice. If you prefer a more traditional route with the body of the deceased present for the service, a funeral is a way to go. Full funerals often have a few events that comprehensively help mourners say this difficult goodbye and find some sense of closure. A visitation service (with or without the option to view the deceased) can bring the bereaved and sympathizers together to share love and support. A committal service often follows the funeral where the dead will be laid to rest at the burial site.


Things to Know about Cremation Services: A cremation is an excellent option for caring for deceased remains, especially if you are looking to avoid casket burial or have honoring services later. Cremation takes care of the time-sensitive portion of caring for dead remains by incinerating the body until only a few pounds of the dry bone matter is left. Then, these pieces are reduced to small particles and returned to the family as “ashes” or “cremated remains.”


Combination Services: If you like the idea of a funeral and cremation in Freeport, IL for the same individual, that is accomplished by first holding funeral services. Fresh, sanitary rental caskets are available for this purpose.


A History of Committed Compassion for Generations


We are Fitzgerald Funeral Home & Crematory, a full-service funeral home with a reputation for committed compassion. For many decades the Fitzgerald family and their associates have supported grieving families with deathcare needs. Please reach out today if you need these final arrangements, such as a funeral and cremation in Freeport, IL.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

1. What are the options for burial or cremation?

  • Burial is the traditional option, and usually involves a funeral service followed by a burial in a cemetery. Cremation is growing in popularity, and usually involves a memorial service followed by cremation. The ashes can then be scattered or buried. Learn more about funeral FAQs.

 2. Can I take pictures at a funeral?

  • It is generally not allowed to take pictures at funerals, as they are typically considered private events. However, some families may allow photos if they are posted online afterward with the deceased's permission. If you are unsure, it is best to ask the funeral home or the family before taking any pictures. Learn more about funeral etiquette tips.

 3. What is included in a cremation service?

  • Cremation services can vary significantly, but often include a memorial service or gathering after the cremation has taken place. Family and friends may also choose to scatter the ashes in a favorite spot or bury them in a cemetery.



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