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Fitzgerald Funeral Home & Crematory offers comprehensive funeral and cremation services in Rockford, IL and its surrounding areas. For over 100 years, we take great pride in ourselves in serving families with dignity, respect, and compassion. We’re here to help you create a service that is truly unique to you or your loved one. We’re proud to do our part in honoring those who have sacrificed so much for our country. Our dedicated staff is here to provide support, and information to help you through your journey of grief and the celebration of your loved one’s life. Give us a call today at (815) 226-2273 for all your funeral and cremation needs.


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Fortunately, when you face the demanding responsibility of laying a loved one to rest, some professionals have made it their life’s work to help you in situations like these. If you are in the position of needing to plan services such as a funeral and cremation in Rockford, IL, consider reaching out to the well respected and longstanding providers at Fitzgerald Funeral Home & Crematory. Our funeral directors can help in many ways. Here are just a few:


Bringing Your Loved One into Our Care: Directors are available at all hours of the day or night, including weekends and holidays when this call comes. If the death occurs at home, the first call will be to emergency providers. Once the medical examiner has the information for their report, the body will be cleared to be removed from the premises.                                               


Helping You Make Difficult Calls: Often, there is a shortlist of people who should be informed of the death as soon as possible. This may include close relations or an employer. If making these calls is not something you can do in your current state, your funeral provider may be able to help with this sensitive communication.


Planning Out the Final Arrangements: An arrangement conference appointment will be set as soon as you are ready to begin making the decisions for your loved one’s deathcare needs. This is a great time to ask all of your questions, especially if you aren’t sure what a service entail. Be upfront with your provider about your budget so we can help you find solutions that will work well for your finances. Often selections for caskets or urns can be chosen during this meeting.


Respectful Body Preparation: Preparing a deceased person for their final resting place is an honor. The licensed funeral director has this responsibility. Remains can be minimally or extensively prepared for this. Embalming is a procedure that removes the body’s fluids and replaces them with a mixture of chemicals that have a preserving effect. This makes it possible for the deceased to be viewed even a few weeks after death. Washing, dressing, styling hair, makeup, or other needs can also be offered for burial and cremation.


Seeing to the Details for a Smooth Funerary Experience: Excellent providers are always looking for ways to make this tender time just a little bit easier for the families who are walking through a loss. Once you decide what options you want for final arrangements, the funerary firm can take it from here. They will schedule your venue, connect with your clergy, organize the details with your chosen cemetery, and get the flowers to and from the event.


Honoring with a Well-Written Obituary: Designing a written tribute to your loved one can be difficult. Digital obituaries have become a helpful way to get information dispersed and to invite those who will want to be aware of the death. If this feels out of reach for you and your family at this time, the experts will have the ability to draft a well-written obituary for your loved one. You will be asked to provide relevant information and approve the final draft for publication.


Selecting the Right Service Solutions Such as a Funeral and Cremation in Rockford, IL


There are many ways to honor and remember your loved one; all of them can be good. People of very different backgrounds and circumstances face this need, so a wide range of options can meet different needs. 


Finalizing Funeral and Memorial Services: A standard format for honoring your loved one is a funeral. This can be beautifully personalized and as extensive or simplified as you might wish. The main criteria for a funeral to be a funeral is the location of the deceased remains. At a funeral, the body is lying in repose for the services. Alternatively, a memorial service is held after the body has been cared for, usually via burial or cremation. Funerals may offer an opportunity to view the deceased before the service in a visitation or funeral wake.


Cremation Services as Body Disposition: A cremation is an important option for caring for deceased remains. With cremation services, the body is placed in a secure chamber and burned until only fragments of the skeletal body remain. Then, these bones are ground into small particles known as “ashes” and are returned to the family for final placement.


It is also an excellent solution for the same individual to have a funeral and cremation in Rockford, IL. The cremation can take place directly after the funeral is completed. This works well since all funerary events and services are held before the cremation. For these meetings, the body can be embalmed and displayed in a rented casket.


Generations of Family Owned and Operated Service


At Fitzgerald Funeral Home & Crematory, our family and many qualified associates have worked together for decades to provide services relating to funeral and cremation in Rockford, IL. Our compassionate service legacy is something we strive to offer to every individual who comes through our doors.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

1. How much does a personalized funeral cost?

  • The cost of a personalized funeral can vary depending on the specifics of the ceremony. Generally, however, it will be more expensive than a traditional funeral. It's important to speak with a funeral director to get an accurate estimate.

 2. What are the benefits of pre-planning a funeral?

  • There are several advantages to pre-planning a funeral. For starters, it can be a great relief for survivors who may be feeling overwhelmed by the task of organizing a funeral. Pre-planning also allows you to personalize your loved one's service and ensure that their wishes are carried out. And finally, pre-planning can often be less expensive than arranging a funeral after death.

 3. What options are available for honoring a veteran at their funeral?

  • There are many options available for honoring a veteran at their funeral. Some families choose to have a flag-draped coffin, an honor guard, or a military band. Learn more about honoring veterans.


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